1. Antivirus: Antivirus provides protection from malwares and fake apps on the basis of the behavior and signature of the application. In order to white list an application uses white-list. Next time the system scan runs the application will not be treated as threat.

2. Spam control: Using Spam control you can block all the Unwanted Calls/SMS. You can also block SMS through specifying keyword. Also check all the block events in a black-list.

3. Back-up: Using back-up feature you can back-up your Contacts, SMS, Phone Logs to the cloud.

4. Restore:Using restore feature you can restore your Contacts and Messages back on your device.

5. Phone usage: Using Phone usage you can check all the Data used by your device on Roaming, Mobile, Wi-Fi network. You can also check your SMS history and Phone Logs details.

6. App Manager: Under this control you can check all the permission given to the Applications. You can also check the install and uninstall events of the application under App History tab.

7. Parental control:Now you can control what you want your child/ anybody to access on your device. Block the application and the website you want to keep private.

8. Activate now: To activate the product you have two option:

Note: In order to upload data and update malware signatures immediately, you have to use Update Now feature which can be found under Settings tab. This feature will upload the data to the cloud immediately and update the new malware signatures.

To access your web console login to using your primary email id of the device you are using and the password that is sent to your mail. Login to your web control page to control all the antitheft feature from your personal web portal. The web portal provides you all the antitheft features such as:

  • Remote lock: remotely lock your device through web portal in case of loss/ theft
  • Remote data wipe: remotely erase the data on your device.
  • Selective data wipe: select the data you want to delete.
  • Remote locate: remotely locate your device through Google maps. The latest latitude and longitude of your device will be delivered to your mail.
  • Remote alarm: make your device scream even on silent mode.

Using your web portal you can also check your:

  • Block events
  • Application data usage
  • Backup contacts
  • Back-up SMS
  • Merge duplicate contacts
  • Check your location
  • Check your phone logs


To register your Jarviz Mobile Security product follow the following steps:

  • Open Jarviz mobile security Application
  • Go to Activate Product.
  • Select one of the options for activating your product:
    • Purchase From Google Play
    • Register Product Key
  • Purchase from Google play: This option will take you to Google plays payment gateway.
  • Register Product key: In order to use this option you may buy a retail pack from retail outlet or have a valid licensed key which can be purchased from our website