MOBILEHEAL mobile security

How to Download MOBILEHEAL APP

  • After a successful payment on, Users/Customers should access their E Mail for VALID License Key/Activation Key sent by Jarviz team. This E mail ID is the one that was used to make this purchase.
  • Customer has to go to Google Play Store to Download "MobileHeal" APP and install the APP on his smart phone.
  • In activation Key Tab on mobileheal app, user has to activate license and follow the process mentioned on the APP itself.
  • An Android device is mandatory to use and activate MobileHeal APP.

Installation Instructions:

Follow the steps for installation and registration of MobileHeal Mobile Security on your device:

1. To download MobileHeal Mobile Security on your device go to Google play store
2. You can search MobileHeal by typing "MobileHeal" in the search bar
3. After successful installation of MobileHeal Mobile Security, Tap on the MobileHeal icon
4. Tap "I agree" if you agree with the End User Licensing Agreement of MobileHeal Mobile Security powered by Jarviz.
5. User must enter valid E Mail ID, which is utilized by the system to register user's device with MobileHeal APP.
6. To set up Parental Control (Add child devices, take their control and remote access by Parent Device/Console) , use same Mail ID for registering Child device with MobileHeal. All such added devices must install MobileHeal on their devices.
7. After the successful validation of your product key your product will be activated.
8. Enter your 8-digit product key.
9. After the successful validation of your product key your product will be activated for one year duration

For installation and other technical query please visit or you can also write to us at


Adding Child Device(s) to any Parent Device

  • The Child Device must be registered with the E Mail ID of Parent.
  • This is One Time / Initial requirement, immediately after user installs the APP.
  • User has to register this device (Child device) using Mail ID used by the Parent. This could be a Primary G Mail ID of Parent device OR any other ID which Parent registers the device with.
  • After a successful registration, Parent can view, control and remotely access Child device the way he wants.
  • Through this feature, Parental Control can also be managed on any added device via web interface. Parent can manage Child devices using this Mail ID and PW on www., via a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or other Mobile devices.
  • If the Added Child device is to be removed from Parental Control of the Parent device, the APP has to be uninstalled and re-installed and new ID has to be registered.

How to use Parental Control:

  • Open MobileHeal and go to parental control.
  • Enter your 4- digit password.
  • Select the App on your device you want to block and click the button on the top right corner to start blocking the app.
  • In order to set browsing rules go to SAFE BROWSING and select the browsing policy with the available three browsing policies which are:

Note: To enable safe browsing on your device, user must have PG SHIELD on their device.

  • Allow all: It will allow all the websites to browse except those are Black listed or Blocked by Users.
  • Block all: It will block all blocked website except those which are White-listed by the User or added in "Allow websites" field.
  • Smart block: It will block all websites those are defined by the system itself.

In order to control your child device with your device follow the following steps:

  • Open your web console.
  • Select your child device from the drop down menu.
  • By selecting the child device you can control your child device from web console.

By activating parental control on your child device you can have complete control on your child device. You can check all the content on your child device. You can even use the Anti-Theft features on your child device.

Note: In order to activate parental control on your child device your device must have same primary email account of the parent device.

Note: In order to upload data and update malware signatures immediately, you have to use Update Now feature which can be found under Settings tab. This feature will upload the data to the cloud immediately and update the new malware signatures.

User Web Console Control

To access your web console login to using your registered email id of the device you are using and the password that is sent to your mail. Login to your web control page to control all antitheft features from your personal web portal. The web portal provides you all the antitheft features such as:

  • Remote lock: remotely lock your device through web portal in case of loss/ theft
  • Remote data wipe: remotely erase the data on your device.
  • Selective Data Wipe: Select the data you want to delete.
  • Remote Locate: Remotely locate your device through Google Maps. The latest latitude and longitude of your device will be delivered to your mail.
  • Remote Alarm: Make your device scream even on silent mode.
  • Using your web portal you can check your
    • Block events
    • Application data usage
    • Merge duplicate contacts
    • Check your locations
    • Check your phone logs