NEED of Enterprise Solution

Mobiles have now become a part of today's lifestyle. Businesses also rely on mobile technology. This causes low effectiveness in work of the employees cause of their doing personal chores instead of doing work. Socializing with friends or family through various social media websites becomes their priority instead of focussing on their work.

Jarviz has taken an initiative to help you,the employers control your employee's phone/tablet usage in working and non-working hours. A glance of what Jarviz provides for enterprise solutions.

Monitor and Restrict Employee Phone usage

With increasing technologies, the number of distractions for employees also increase which effect their overall productivity and performance. A part of employee's time is spent checking emails, notifications, using various networking sites and surfing the web for personal usage which causes loss. Jarviz's employee monitoring software helps you restrict this.

You can monitor individual employees or group them for easier management. Restrict their call usage, block outgoing calls and block applications for limited period of time or completely.

Employee's Low Productivity

Employee's ineffectiveness always costs the employer $$$. Usually companies provide their employees access to internet, smart phones and tablets, and many of the employees tend to misuse their internet connection whenever they get a chance to. This small amount of daily usage when added up may count up to long hours of personal use which can effect the company's overall productivity. Thus due to such distractions employees don't perform well because of which the steep of productivity goes down.

Jarviz provides you the antidote to it by helping you monitor the activities and restricting it whenever you see any employee abusing the facilities. You can block their access to particular websites or you can set the filtering criteria for web access with the help of our enterprise solutions.

Real time tracking

Most of the employees who go out for field jobs are often found out wandering a little before they reach their destination. Moreover employees are also found doing their personal chores exploiting company's resources.

So today it is important for employer's to keep a track of their employee's location. You can monitor your employee's location through Jarviz's enterprise solutions. You can track the latitude-longitude location of your employee with just one command.

Did You Know?

40% of those surveyed admitted to have used social networking sites during their working hours.
50% of the surveyed employees accepted wasting time on non work related activities in office.
2 out of every 5 employees surveyed accepted exploiting office resources for personal purpose.