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Unmatched Features with Unmatched Results

Anti-Virus /  Anti-Malware

Jarviz provides Real Time Protection from all kinds of malware threats on the basis of their Behaviour and Signature.

Spam Control

Block all your Unwanted Calls & SMS's by creating a blacklist of Callers and Spammers. Also Block unwanted messages and defined Keyword to block them.

Parental control

Jarviz provides you with complete parental control.You can now keep a check on your child device, complete control and manage it.


Privacy Advisor

Check your install application permissions with our advance privacy advisor.Check which permissions have been granted to your Apps.

Data Monitoring

Jarviz helps you to keep a track on your device Data Usage. You can track the Data Usage on your mobile network.

Anti Theft

Jarviz helps you in Locking, Data Wiping, Locating your device through Google Maps/ GPS With this feature.With this feature user can track the device completely.


Remote Data Wipe

Remotely wipe your data from your device with a single click. You can selectively delete your data.

Cloud Backup

Backup your Contacts, Messages, Phone Logs to your personal web account and retrieve them easily from cloud in case of loss.

Multi Sim Support

Using a Multi SIM device! No problem, Jarviz will take care of all the Spam Calls/ SMS of both the SIM. We supports both the SIM's.


About MobileHeal

Jarviz offers a One-Stop solution for Mobile Security, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Anti-Spam on a single platform to the end-users. Our solution is branded as "MobileHeal" and our launch initiative has been to address the ANDROID Smartphones markets viz. India, South Asia, Africa and other developing nations. Jarviz's vision is to address the growing Malware problems for Smartphones & Tablets. Our product roadmap includes not only offering our solution to the End-Users but also to Enterprises.

Our USP is a complete offering of AV (Anti-Virus), Parental Control and MDM (Mobile Device Management ) on same platform. "MobileHeal" could be easily downloaded from Google Playstore view more

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